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Mountain Lake Conservancy Orienteering Course Guidelines
  1. Print the pre-plotted map and the control list at home and bring them with you to the course.
  2. Start in the parking lot outside the outside the Outfitter building.
  3. Pick a number of controls to find. A good beginner loop is 5 controls (A-E). A good intermediate loop is 10 controls (A-J).
  4. Navigate to each of the controls in any order. You do not have to stay on trails.
  5. Controls have a word written on them. Write down the word on your control list.
  6. Finish back at the outfitter building.
  7. Report your experience and/or errors or missing controls to
  8. For a harder challenge, buy the blank map and plot the controls beforehand using the UTMs for the controls (on the control list).
  9. For an even harder challenge, try orienteering at night. Each control has a stripe of reflective tape to make finding it in the dark a bit easier.

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