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Please join the tanZ navigation mail list for announcements about all things foot navigation and announcements of upcoming 6+ hour events.
Navigation Events Around the US/Can
This page contains a simple list of longer (6+ hrs) US/Canada rogaines. I limit the list to longer events that you might be willing to drive a fair distance to attend. Shorter orienteering meets are great events, but you would rarely if ever, drive a long way to go to one.

The rest of the page contains some some common websites where you can find navigation events, a list of some of my favorite events, and my schedule for the year.

US/Can Rogaines (6+ Hours)

2019 Rogaines from ARC Calendar ( races)
Date Location Description Length
19 Oct Gregory, MILegend of the Dogman
8/24 hour
26 Oct Ottawa, ON, CanadaChallenge the GATS adventure run
2/3/6 hour
10 Nov Fincastle, VA Open 6 Adventure
6 hours
14 Mar Brighton, MI Nain Rouge 6 Hour Rogaine
6 Hour
2018 Events
2017 Events
Websites for Navigation-based Events
Website/Organization Region Description
Attackpoint World Orienteering & adventure racing and other nav events
Central New York Orienteering New York Calendar of orienteering meets and rogaines
NSF Adventures Ohio Mostly rogaines in Ohio State Parks
Orienteering USA (OUSA) USA Website for orienteering events around the USA. World Website for rogaines around the world.
Rootstock Racing Pennsylvania Navigation rich trekking and biking events
Sleepmonsters World Adventure racing world calendar
(Some of) Mark's Favorite Events

Adventure Races
Australia XPDAustraliaMost accessible expedition AR on Earth. 10 fun-filled days!
Expedition Africa (bucket)Africa2020 maybe?
Itera seriesUKOpen Adventure's 5 day ARs around the UK - all amazing!
Patagonia Expedition RaceChileBiggest, baddest, toughest AR out there. Windy.

Trail Running
Dragon's Back RunWales200 miles across Wales navigating knife-edged ridges.
Marathon Des SablesMorocco6 days of running in the sun and sand.
Northern TraverseEngland200 miles across England - lakes, peaks, dales, and moors.
Tor Des GeantsItaly200 miles, 25000 meters of ascent - in the Alps.
OMM IcelandIceland2 days of running and navigating in the lava.
OMM ScotlandScotland2 days of running and navigating in the Highlands.