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Please join the tanZ navigation mail list for announcements about all things foot navigation and announcements of upcoming 6+ hour events.
I now maintain a RouteGadget instance. RouteGadget is Scandanavian software that plots GPS tracks on maps. The plan is to put all the TanZ races into it.
Squiggly Lines is a full-color book about map and compass navigation with a focus on adventure racing and rogaining. The book is almost 300 pages and has over 150 example maps and figures and almost a 100 exercises.

I am now selling Moscow compasses - one of the best compasses in the world in terms of speed of the needle (settling) and stability (holding its bearing when being jostled). I am carrying the most popular model: the (relatively fast) most stable Model #3. It comes with a three year manufacturer's warranty.

Map Making
I make maps - all kinds: trail maps, topo maps, maps for races, orienteering maps, maps of land, maps of camps, maps of forests. Prices are very reasonable.
Here are some sample maps.
This page contains a simple list of longer (6+ hrs) US/Canada rogaines. I limit the list to longer events that you might be willing to drive a fair distance to attend. Shorter orienteering meets are great events, but you would rarely if ever, drive a long way to go to one.

Get Stoked was held for 4 years at Stokesville, VA. In 2019, we moved to Cave Mounain Lake in VA. We are on working on 2020 - debating between two places and changing the date to not conflict with two other 24 hour rogaines in May. Stay tuned.

Get Stoked is three rogaines: 6/12/24 hours. Participants will go out and look for checkpoints in the forest for the allotted time. Solos or teams (any size) are welcome. No GPSes are allowed - only map and compass.
The race is a two day (mostly) adventure race in a stage format. Racers with mountain bike about 40 miles on the first day (with a bit of trekking) and trek about 25 miles (with a bit of biking) on the second day. The terrain is mostly trails (75%) and a bit of country roads (25%). Races will find checkpoints along the way, having 10-12 hours to complete the course each day. No GPSes are allowed - only map and compass.
The Blue Ridge Orienteering Club was newly formed in the spring of 2015. Four principles got together and created a local orienteering club here in the Blue Ridge mountains. Our intention is to hold regular orienteering events in the area (both foot and mountain bike).

The race is a two day (mostly) trail run in a stage format. Racers with run about 26 miles on the first day and about 15 miles on the second day. The terrain is mostly trails (75%) and a bit of country roads (25%).

We've built an orienteering course located at Mountain Lake near Pembroke, Virginia (directions). It consists of 24 controls to find plus the Start/Finish control.
Check out the Adventure Racing Cooperative: a NFP organization dedicated to growing the sport of adventure racing, of which a key component is map and compass navigation.